Become a Doula

Doula Asheville

Supporting families during birth and/or the postpartum period is a wonderful profession. Becoming a professional doula takes a commitment of time and resources. google translate . The process generally involves completing a training, reading, auditing a childbirth series, being evaluated by families and medical staff, writing essays, and obtaining ongoing continuing education credits. Doulas must be available to their families, sometimes on very short notice.

We encourage you to read our Things to Consider before you embark on the path to become a professional doula. It will you an idea of the commitment involved in serving mothers, newborns and families as a doula.

There are many organizations that provide doula certification. DONA International, CAPPA, and ICEA are among the oldest, largest and most well established. Visit their websites to learn about their certification requirements and upcoming trainings.

If you would like to become a member of DAMA, please review our Join DAMA for information on what we look for in organizations that train and certify doulas when accepting new members.

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